Fun & Whimsical: Make Your Reception a Masquerade

If you are having a wedding around Halloween, but don't want to go with a full-out costume party, consider holding a masquerade ball.

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Go Red: Five Ways to Spice up Your Wedding

When coming up with a color scheme for your wedding, it can be easy to settle for simple and calm colors, but if you want something a bit more... read more

Nine Ways to Add Mediterranean Flare to Your Menu

While formal sit-down dinners and buffet-style dining tend to be the way of weddings, a popular trend has been to serve up tapas and appetizers to... read more

Jazz up Your Wedding Theme with Polka Dots

While color schemes tend to rule weddings, if you are looking for something a bit more lighthearted and fun, consider using polka dots for your... read more

Four Ways to Honor Your Grandparents at Your Wedding

Depending on your family dynamic, you may want to include your grandparents (or if you are lucky, your great-grandparent[s]) in  your wedding. But... read more

The Reception Bar: Three Ways to Celebrate with Spirits

Weddings are a lot of fun with or without alcohol, but if you are planning on imbibing on your special day, then try out one of these enjoyable... read more

Three Fun Things to Fill Your Flower Girl's Basket

The flower girl - a symbol of the innocent girl the bride used to be as a child - is a big part of most weddings. Usually the brides picks a young... read more

Getting the Groom's Input: Five Ways to Give Your Guy His Say

For whatever reason (societal norms, the fact that women are just in general better at long term planning, who knows!) women tend to end up... read more

These Boots Were Made for Wedding

Getting married in the fall has a certain appeal to it, from the crisp air to the changing colors. If you are tying the knot in the fall, consider... read more


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