Décor and Dining- Cape Cod’s Latest Wedding Trends

Clients want to be as local as they can when it comes to the origin of food products, according to Olive Chase, President of Casual Gourmet.

There is so much to consider when planning the perfect wedding day, from the cocktails and entrees, to the linen and flatware. While every wedding has different details that make it special, Olive Chase, President of Casual Gourmet, a top-rated caterer on Cape Cod, has noticed a few new trends on the rise. 

A Bit More Glamour

A touch of glamour is being added to very popular vintage style decorations. Guests will begin to notice white-wash farm tables or big flower arrangements paired with metals on wooden tables. 

“Vintage is still very hot,” said Chase. “Not as much rustic, just a little more glam.”

The combination of a metal, industrial look and a farm look can be expected at a number of upcoming Cape Cod weddings.   

“It is more sophisticated country compared to the rustic feel we have seen over the years,” said Chase. 

Buffets are the Old-Way

Food at a wedding is a big focal point, and just as important as the meal itself is how it is served. 

“Buffets are just about all done,” said Chase. “People are either having a plated sit down dinner or they are going for really casual stations, kind of grown-up cocktail party theme with family style mixed in.”

Local and Fresh Food

Lately, people are beginning to show more interest in the origin of the food products used. Chase said questions regarding what dirt the vegetables grow in, how they are fertilized, and where the fish is sourced, are becoming a common occurrence with clients.  

“They want to be as local as they can, sometimes that can be challenging on Cape Cod with produce, because we’re not a big agricultural area, but in terms of seafood it’s not hard, that’s for sure,” said Chase.

With a strong-standing relationship with the Cape Cod Fisherman’s Alliance, Casual Gourmet has the flexibility to serve up more underused species. 

In place of more traditional options such as crab cakes, guests can now look forward to dog fish, monk fish, skate and other unique dishes.

“With preparations in the past where it had only been stripe or bass, we are experimenting more,” said Chase. 

Everything Sweet

The wedding cake is a huge staple of wedding tradition; however, a new trend is to offer a number of delicious treats alongside the cake. 

“We are still selling wedding cakes at a really high pace, but people are adding in desserts,” said Chase.

Guests can enjoy anything from sundae bars or s’mores stations to mini mousses or warm mini-cider donuts. 

As far as wedding cakes go, Chase said that the most popular filling this year is unsalted caramel. 

A Personal Touch

What Chase has discovered at Casual Gourmet is that couples love the chance to add in things that have been in the family for years, such as special family recipes, special signage and favors, and even bride and groom specialty cocktails. 

“How unique can we make this, and I don’t mean unique for the sake of unique,” said Chase. “How many things can we do that are going to make this experience personal to this couple and to these two families who are uniting.”

Cakes from the Casual Gourmet.
A beautiful wedding cake is still an important and traditional part of the reception.

Vintage is replacing rustic as the new wedding decoration trend.
When it comes to trending decor, vintage is replacing rustic.

Couple strive to make their wedding receptions unique and their own.

Locally-sourced produce, fish and meats are important to many couples when planning their menu.

Now trending: offer sweet treats such as s'mores in addition to wedding cake.

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