Use a Coffee Table Book to Memorialize Your Guests' Good Wishes

Save your guests' good wishes in a coffee table book you can keep in your living room. ©Iriana Shiyan/DPC.

Guest books are a great way to let the good wishes of your guests stay with you and your spouse throughout your lives, but more often than not, they end up in storage because they are impractical to have elsewhere.

To avoid consigning your guest book to this fate, consider getting a coffee table book that relates to an interest that you and your spouse share (such as travel, a sport, photography, art, or whatever it is that you are into) and have your guests pen their notes in the margins. Doing this will ensure that your guest book remains out in the open and gets looked at with some regularity.

Another plus is that keeping all the good will from your guests where you and your spouse can see it will help reinforce your wedded bliss on a regular basis.

This is a fun idea that you and your guests will love, and it will keep your memories fresh.

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