Up the Ante with a Vegas-Style Wedding Reception

Make the success of your wedding reception a sure thing with a Las Vegas theme.

Do you want the appeal of Las Vegas (bright lights, fantastic light shows and loads of fun), without actually having to go out to Nevada? Then consider using a Las Vegas theme for your wedding (plus or minus the Elvis minister, really your call).

Firstly, you need lots of glitz and glamour, from sequins and rhinestones accentuating your gown to liberal use of glitter (think centerpieces with flowers dusted with glitter, glittery nail polish for you and your bridesmaids, and other such uses in a similar vein). Be sure to work closely with your stylist to create a look that is glam, not cheesy.

To highlight your sparkling effects, work with a lighting company to not only show-off your decorations, but to create a spectacular light show to “wow” your guests. If you really want to go above and beyond, consider working with a company like Atlas PyroVision to create a custom fireworks display. Work with your band or DJ to create a playlist that really highlights your theme as well.

To continue with the theme, set up your tables like casino games, perhaps even labeling them as “blackjack”, “roulette”, “poker”, and the sort on your escort cards. Each table could have a different game to play, and you could give guests a certain amount of chips at their place setting for a fun evening of no-stakes gambling. If you did want to “up the ante”, you could have a few token prizes for guests who had the highest number of chips at the end of the night.

Be sure that guests are aware of your theme before coming by making your invitations out in a playful style, using language such as “deuce” for couples, and “joker”, “queen”, or “king” for single invitations, as well as “hit” or “miss” for the RSVP.

For favors, consider giving out packs of cards or dice.  

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