Seven Ways to Give Your Wedding Reception a Modern Flair

Molecular gastronomy is an impressive and modern way to serve up delectable bites. ©Javierafael/DPC.

While classic weddings can be beautiful and sumptuous affairs, some brides long for a taste of modern simplicity (not necessarily minimalism, but streamlined). Here are some suggestions on how to give the perfect touch of modern-style to your wedding.

1. A sleek dress. Go for a dress that is white and form fitting, without frills and ruffles. This doesn't mean you can't show your individuality by adding some lacework, but go for something that doesn't rely on the "pouf" factor.

2. Decor. From simple square four-seater tables to chairs in steel or clear plastic, your decor choices can really add a modern touch to your reception.

Other choices can include stainless steel plates, geometric dishes, and simple monogrammed napkins.

3. Molecular gastronomy. Work with your caterer to create some dishes that push the envelope in terms of cuisine, from foams to items made by spherification.

If you want something a bit less edgy, consider doing "deconstructed" dishes - taking items that normally would go into a dish, changing their form, and plating them differently.

4. Bold color schemes. Modern need not mean black, white, steel, and clear. Go for sharp contrasts, such as black, white, and a bright red, or steel with an eye-popping green.

Another idea is to use simple colors such as black and white, but to liven them up with patterns, such as stripes or polka dots.

5. Simple centerpieces. Use glass beads and a few flowers in a vase to create a beautiful yet uncomplicated centerpiece.

6. Lounges. Set aside an area for a simple lounge, where guests can sip martinis and scotch and just relax.

7. Utilize lighting. Instead of relying on flowers, bows, or other decor items to set the scene, use lighting. Even better, work with an event lighting team to create a spectacular display.

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