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Hot dogs aren't what they used to be. Ask any foodie, dogs can be downright gourmet! ©Brent Hofacker/DPC.

If you are getting married, but don't have the biggest budget, you might want to consider reeling in your food costs (especially for larger weddings). Guests will really remember a night of fun and dancing to lively music more than they will the food (as long as they get fed). Of course, you don't want to completely cheap out on the food, leaving guests feeling unsatiated.

So if you are in this pickle, considering putting together a hot dog bar (your caterer can help).

Hot dogs are relatively inexpensive, but they are well-liked by most. If you have vegetarians coming, consider investing in some veggie dogs for your hot dog bar as well (and if you want something a bit more hearty, add some sausages to the bar).

A hot dog bar is easy to put together and guests can have fun putting together their own creations.

Set-up a bun warmer and dog warmer (or have someone on hand to toast the buns and grill the dogs), and then put out a spread of condiments. These can range from the typical (ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, onions, hot sauce, chili, cheese, sauerkraut) to more fun toppings (diced pineapple, peanut butter [peanut butter, mayo, and onions actually makes for a truly delectable dog believe it or not], barbecue sauce, various aiolis, pesto) and let guests mix and match to come up with their own fun creations.

Another plus to a hot dog bar is that it creates and informal atmosphere, conducive to mingling. You can walk and talk with a hot dog in hand, unlike a sit-down steak and lobster dinner!

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