How to Dress a Bridesmaid

Gone are the days of putting bridesmaids in ugly, ill-fitting dresses to make the bride look better. Instead, couples are putting more effort into keeping their attendants happy, making sure they look and feel beautiful as they stand beside them. “The dresses right now are beautiful,” says Charlene Colon, owner of Sposabella Bridal in Hyannis. According to her, that stigma started during the 1980s, which wasn’t a great time for fashion in general. “Now, the dresses are so pretty and soft and flowy that you can wear it just about anywhere.”

The smart and popular thing to do is put your girls in dresses that will look good on each of them. Unfortunately, most bridesmaids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and rarely have the same tastes. “Right now there’s a trend of large bridal parties, so it’s hard to get them all to agree on a dress,” she says.

So how can the bride keep everyone happy without ending up with a mess of dresses? Colon advises brides to pick a color and a designer, then let the girls do the rest. But don’t be too set on a particular color. She says it’s all too common for brides to come in with a specific shade of green in mind, but it won’t exist in the style or fabric that they want. “You can put ten reds together they’ll look different,” she says.

But does it matter if they’re all from the same designer? Colon says, “It does because every company uses different fabrics.” It’s also important that the bridesmaids order their dresses at the same time, too. “You need everything cut from the same bolt of fabric, otherwise it won’t look exactly the same.”

It’s also important to let the experts help. “The problem with bridesmaids is when the bride brings in too many girls and they all have different opinions,” says Colon. Luckily, Sposabella Bridal is considered one of the top bridal salons on Cape Cod, having won the Wedding Wire’s 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014 Couples' Choice Award and the 2013 Brides Choice Award. Colon and her team have seen it all, from body types to styles to drama, and can help find the perfect dress. They won’t choose for you, but she says, “We try to lead them in the right direction and make everybody feel comfortable.”

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