Down By The Sea

Seaside weddings are a great way to get an intimate, casual feel

If you’re looking for something intimate and casual in Cape Cod, a seaside wedding might be right for you. Bill Sherman, the Food and Beverage Director for The Lighthouse Inn, says, “We get all different types. Young couples, couples having their second weddings; older couples seem to really like a more casual wedding. A lot of people just love to be on the ocean.”

There’s a lot of appeal to having your special day by the sea. “The biggest thing is the view. It gives a certain feel and romance.” Not only does it set the scene beautifully for guests, but it allows for some truly stunning photographs.

Seaside weddings are especially great for more casual, intimate affairs, and in Cape Cod you don’t have to limit your time to just the ceremony. “You can make it a weekend event so you can visit your guests for more than ten minutes.” He says some of the best weddings he’s seen have the wedding itself as the main event, but do things outside the ceremony so the couple can spend time with their guests. Instead of having to divide their time between several tables over a five-hour reception, “they just get together with family friends and just make a whole weekend. The guys can have a golf day; the women can have a beauty day.”

And there’s no need to get bogged down by keeping up with the latest trends. Sea glass, shells, and mason jars may not be a new idea for decorating, but they add a great, relaxed touch to any seaside wedding. “A lot of it is what we’ve been seeing for years because a lot of people want to capitalize on the fact that we’re on the ocean,” says Sherman.

However, one thing he does warn about is the weather, particularly if you’re planning to have the wedding outside. “It can be breezy, particularly when we do outdoor ceremonies, but we can work around that.” If the rain gets bad, consider holding your reception inside the building instead of the tent. He notes that it’s usually fine, but when the wind’s blowing the flaps around and the rain comes in sideways, your guests will be happier watching the storm from inside by the cozy fire. “Anytime I plan something, I plan for the worst but hope for the best.”

Inclement weather can be an issue for an outdoor ceremony anywhere, so don’t let that dissuade you from the seaside wedding of your dreams. And the view from the Lighthouse Inn and other Cape Cod venues is spectacular in any weather. “Even on a rainy, stormy day, it’s pretty.”

Even pictures can turn out better. “Photographers actually prefer if the weather’s a little hazy,” Sherman says. A cloudless, sunny day may sound ideal for an outdoor affair, but glare off the water can cause problems for photographs. However, he assures that you’ll still get great pictures, as photographers are trained to deal with such situations. “Trust your photographer. They know the tricks to make the photos great. Not like me. My pictures always end up with red eyes,” he laughs.

Whether you choose to have your event in a tent or a ballroom, Sherman says for a truly great wedding, don’t let yourself get bogged down by the little details. “To me, just keep it more casual. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting together with family and friends, having a good meal, having a great view.”

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