Beach braids and Other Hot Wedding Hair Trends

Brides are trending towards braids and half updos this season--hairstyles that are classic yet soft and natural. Photo courtesy of Salon 700/Heather Callachan.

When planning a wedding, brides like to be on top of what is trending--from reception decor and cocktails to gowns and of course, hair. After considering what is hot, it is important to consider factors affecting your style choices.

For couples marrying on Cape Cod, location and season will impact certain decisions. Are you saying "I do" in the middle of August? Will you declare your eternal love at the windy water's edge? Brides will want to consider these things when choosing their wedding day coiffure.

Bring on the Braids

This year, according to Nicole Salas, owner of Salon 700 & Day Spa in Hyannis, braids of all types are trending in 2016. "For a wedding on the beach, it's good to always incorporate a braid because it keeps things in place," said Nicole and Salon 700 Bridal Stylist Heather Callachan.   

Timeless and now trendy, there is no limit to what a hairstylist can do with a few good twists. A talented stylist can work with long or short hair, straight or curly hair, to create one of many types of braids from the standard three-strand braid to the French braid, Dutch braid or fishtail braid to name a few.

Loosen up

Although braids are meant to keep everything in place, trendy brides are loosening up at the same time and opting for what Nicole calls a "very natural, undone" style. "Low, loose buns have been the most requested look in the last couple of years, but we have noticed that brides are now leaning towards 'the messier is better'  type of updo," Nicole said.

Looser braids keep your hair in place and out of your face. A loose braid opens up a whole other kind of style--not all the way up, not all the way down. A soft and breezy look that doesn't look locked down. Is your wedding at the beach? Nicole said they've traded in their traditional curling irons for a wand to achieve that "perfect beachy wave".

Best of Both Worlds

Chatham-based professional hair and make-up artist Lisa George agrees, "Braid accents are still very trendy." Lisa said wispy pieces out around the face offer a romantic look, but can be a challenge in the wind. 

"Opting for a half updo is a great alternative to all down for a beach wedding," Lisa said. "The half updo keeps hair out of the face, yet maintains the soft, down feeling". Like braids, options are limitless with half updos when incorporating braids, buns, and twists (or a combination of one or more) for a one of a kind look.


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