Wedding Invitation Trends

Big this season--people are branding their invitations with their own style of monograms, logos and type. Courtesy of Lady Slipper Stationery.

A wedding ceremony is an incredibly special event that people want to share with friends and family. For this reason, creating the invitations is an early step that deserves delicate planning. Cyndi Swan, the Creative Director at Lady Slipper Stationery, shares the little details and trends that can lead to a truly unique wedding invitation. 

What trends are you noticing with invitation styles and details lately? 

Many people are branding their invitations with their own styles of monograms, creating logos with their names and things like that. I find that most people are shying away from going online and doing it because they can’t customize and make it their own, they feel like they are getting what everyone else has.

I think people are getting back to traditional themes rather than things that are more out there. There is a lot of layering going on with new options out there compared to what we had five years ago. It’s amazing. 

What types of new options are available now?

The types of papers available has grown immensely. There are types of paper that we can get from all over the world that create a really unique look. We can also take a simple design, like a little starfish, and create a wedding logo around it. 

There are a lot of different ways to tie ribbons rather than just putting it in a bow. There are many ways to twist it or create different knots to it. All you have to do is change a layer, color, paper or ribbon and you have an entirely different look.

What is the real difference between a save the date and an invitation?

Save the date goes out anywhere from 6 months to a year prior to let people know that there is an upcoming event. You basically give them the day, the town, brides name, grooms name and all the important details. 

With people’s busy schedules these days, people’s calendars are booked out a year in advance. What these brides are trying to do is to get people to be able to make their travel plans. 

The smart thing to do is include accommodation information, all the ways the people have to travel to get to it, especially where, here on the Cape, a lot of places have two to three night minimums.

What styles are popular now with save the dates?

Save the date can be along the same theme as your wedding and invitation, or it can be sort of fun and informational.

Some girls are doing a little card, with say a starfish behind it. Many girls are doing different photos with magnets. Some with one big photo, or some with a few photos telling a story. 

There is a new one we just did recently where it was written out like a love story would be, like a paragraph in a book. It was a sweet way of telling people what lead to the big day.

I try to tell girls don’t mock the invitation, because you want people to get the invitation and say, ‘Oh, I have to attend this’ and if they’ve already gotten that in the save the date, then the whole surprise element is gone. 

What is the most crucial advice you would give to someone trying to begin selecting an invitation style?

There is a huge difference from digital home printing and a printing press that goes to a production facility, that is permanent. Creating the invitations on a home printer, they might not last. My theory has always been, and I may be old-fashioned about this, but I believe that a wedding invitation should be permanent. Once they start to feel it, they will realize there is a big difference. They should be able to take it out in 25-30 years later and still stay, ‘oh look how beautiful this is, I can still feel the raised printing.’ To me, that’s important.

This invitation was designed as a storybook tale. Courtesy of Lady Slipper Stationery.

Custom monograms are in this season. Courtesy of Lady Slipper Stationery.

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